Common Problem Solutions

Following are common problem solutions, I hope to be able to help you.

Nanjing has four seasons with mild winters and occasionally oppressively hot summers. While you might be able to supplement your wardrobe while here, Chinese sizes tend towards the smaller end of availability so if you are large bodied, you cannot expect to find, in particular,shoes. You should limit yourself to two suitcases of clothing.

Nanjing hosts many international corporate enterprises, which encourages a wide range of restaurant styles and pubs with many varieties of lagers and ales. Chinese students tend to not be partiers, but you will find many venues where to relax and enjoy the evenings.

Note about medical insurance and hospitals options Can I get my prescriptions filled there? If you require regularly filled prescriptions, you should confer with your own doctor or healthcare provider about the availability of your medication or alternatives in China prior to making your travel plans. Do I need to get any vaccinations? If you want to be extra precautious, you can get a hepatitis B vaccine.

It is absolutely necessary that you obtain an international VPN for any internet devices that you bring to China if you want to maintain full internet access.

It's certainly convenient to fly directly into the Nanjing, Lukou international airport; otherwise, Shanghai is the nearest city with daily overseas flights from which you can readily continue your journey by rail to reach Nanjing at one of its two train stations.

*This answer might need to be regularly updated.

*This answer might need to be regularly updated.

In nearly all new construction, western style toilets have become standard equipment. You will eventually encounter squat toilets. Your success with using one depends on your will and flexibility. More importantly, you should routinely carry tissues on you as Chinese toilets don't typically have them.

Tuition and registration fees are strictly nonrefundable. The accommodation fee is nonrefundable after two months in China.

SanJiang university students can eat adequately at the campus canteen with a daily budget 40RMB. If you want to dine off campus more often, you can expect to pay more for Western style meals. Factoring costs of clothing and other incidentals are to your standards and style. Public transportation is also very economical and easily accessed with a Nanjing metrocard.